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A life design for accomplished driven women leaders who are craving more harmony and balance in their life

Imagine if you really could have it all.

Your corporate career was a fulfilling and abundant expression of who you are as your authentic self.

AND you had a happy healthy thriving family, an amazing partner, and time for yourself.

Now you can follow a step-by-step process to embark on your soul path to 'A New Way of Being You'.


What if you woke up every day excited about your job, rather than filled with dread?

You had the feeling of making an impact to those around you and a large contribution to your work. You flowed through your job with ease because you were utilizing your gifts and talents. And were recognized and promoted because of it. You create your roles with the support of your leadership team because they trust you. You were able to be an authentic leader and speak your mind, which gave you more confidence and less stress, and expanded your financial potential.

What if this allowed you to have better health because you could take the time to workout, rather than arriving early and staying late? What if you had better relationships because you made time for those you loved, because you had the energy after work? What if your children saw you as passionate and fun-loving, instead of busy, stressed, and overworked? Sounds too good to be true? 

Why is it that - in spite of all of our accomplishments and years of hard work and personal development - we’ve been unable to bring forth the fullness of our potentials for creative self-expression and contribution. We think the reason is that we don’t yet have enough money, time, support, education, or knowledge.

The truth is we have not connected to our innate power that we need to create the things we deeply yearn for.  

If you feel you were meant for more, it is because YOU are. You matter! The world needs you showing up in all of your brilliance and not exhausted. Come with me on this sacred journey to find the sweetness of life

A New Way of Being You Coaching Program

Our EXCLUSIVE 10-week coaching program includes:

Powerful Content to Teach you our Proven Process

You'll find 10 weeks of video lessons waiting for you in our easy-to-navigate membership site, each with an assignment carefully designed to help you build more energy, productivity and purpose into your life one step at a time. You'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to this content.

1:1 Coaching Calls

You'll schedule two 1:1 video calls with Sharon, who will provide personalized mentorship to take you from where you are and support you in getting to where you want to be. Sharon will help you identify what is keeping you stuck and provide you with the tools to move forward.

Weekly Group Coaching Workshops

We hold live, interactive group coaching calls and workshops every week. These group calls provide extra accountability and support. They will be recorded for those who can’t make it.

Weekly Mastermind Group

You will have weekly mastermind with a small group of peers and Sharon to help you and your group achieve success through a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting. Each member will set their own focus area. 

Full Voxer Support

You will have access to support via Voxer with Sharon, so you will always have the support you need. 

24/7 Access to our Private Sacred Facebook Community

You will have access to our strong community of extraordinary women through the private 'A New Way of Being You' Facebook group, so you can share successes with your peers and get easy access to Sharon. This will be your home base for support, accountability, and sharing wins!

      What You Will Learn

      This course exists because you matter. You are needed in this world to show up in your fullness. During this journey you will come to know your deep soul truths. This course enables you to remove your obstacles, reconnect to your innate divinity, take your power back, and create the life of your dreams. It is for women who know they are meant for more. They are exhausted from all that they are trying to do. Their deepest desire is to live their life with purpose.

      You are so much more than you believe. This course teaches you how to live in this world in a new way - authentically, true to yourself, while honoring your wants and needs. You will understand how to align your magnificent body, brain, and heart to create a beautiful life.

      This course reconnects you to your innate divinity. It leverages science, life and spiritual coaching, archetypes, Universal Laws, Human Design, Enneagram, invocations, activations,  and soul therapy to hold you, nourish you, and nurture you.

    Module 1: The Blueprint for Leadership and Fulfillment

    Success is easy when you find alignment between all of your opposing parts before you act. We are going to begin to put together the framework for our life plan, so that we are creating what we want and not just reacting to what life brings us. We will begin to find our alignment with our soul path. 

    Module 2: : Lead from A Place of Influence and See the Broader Perspective

    It has been said that a miracle is simply a shift in perspective. Learn to see all points of view and help people hear each other and find common ground. Model inclusion so that your organization is stronger, and your personal life is richer.   

    Module 3: Make Imposter Syndrome & Your Inner Critic a Thing of the Past

    Understand the power of the mind and its ability to make meaning. Reconnect to our deepest desires and begin to uncover our sacred stories. Here we can begin to embrace ourselves as well as each other. We will begin to open the gateway of communication, get to know our stories and understand who we truly believe we are.

    Module 4: Uncover Unconscious Commitments That Are Keeping You Stuck

    Uncover your unconscious beliefs and ways of operating that are keep us stuck from reaching our goals. You will new decisions and commitments, and decide who you are. It has been said that a miracle is simply a shift in perspective. We will be guided to a remembrance and reconnection of truth, and release limiting patterns and anything that does not align. It is a time to open the heart and honor the mind. 

    Module 5: Have Better Job Security Because You Excel at What You are Doing

    Begin to understand your innate gifts. Returning home to self, you will understand the strength and clarity about who you are. Through reclamation of the sovereign self, you will meet the divinity that always resides within you. This is empowerment from the soul.

    Module 6: Authentically Lead Others From a Place of Confidence & Clarity

    Choose Love and receive unconditional love that is available to us all. Through sacred union within yourself, connection to your heart, allow yourself to reconnect and receive guidance, connect with the power of love and surrender, and have trust and faith.

    Module 7: Uncover Your Unique Gifts and Talents, so That Your Career Becomes Fun and Easy

    Discover how to be in the present and follow your intuition, reconnect to our emotions, and begin to create with the Greater Field of Life, and experience synchronicities and miracles in your life. You will build an unshakable connection to your inner knowing and take inspired action to fulfill your greatest potential.

    Module 8: Achieve What You Want, While Being at Peace With Your Emotions

    Strengthen your emotional intelligence and learn to consciously create what you want from a place of empowerment. Learn to use your emotions as a compass and superpower to achieve your success.

    Module 9: Have Sustainable Energy and Be Seen as an Invaluable Leader

    Ninety-five percent of the day we operate from our habits. The body is our sacred vehicle that enables us to be here. It stores all of our memories and ancestry through our DNA. Free yourself from patterns of the past and access more power, vitality, and energy. We will identify our needs and desired outcomes in each area of our life, and our strategies to get our needs met.

    Module 10: Feel Free of Pressure from Being Perfect, so that You Can Be A Creative Problem Solver

    Create a solid foundation, so that it is easy to remain centered or get back to center quickly if you are knocked off. Learn the power to change the situation by how you respond. Whatever energy you give out, is what you are going to get back.

  • Introduction to User Experience Design

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  • Introduction to User Experience Design

  • Write a very short description about the lesson here so that your visitors know what they are going to learn in this lesson.

  • Introduction to User Experience Design

  • Write a very short description about the lesson here so that your visitors know what they are going to learn in this lesson.

  • Introduction to User Experience Design

  • Write a very short description about the lesson here so that your visitors know what they are going to learn in this lesson.

  • Introduction to User Experience Design

  • Write a very short description about the lesson here so that your visitors know what they are going to learn in this lesson.

  • Introduction to User Experience Design

  • Write a very short description about the lesson here so that your visitors know what they are going to learn in this lesson.


The Benefits 

  • Discover the deeper truth of who you are

  • Remove obstacles and heal your past

  • Improve your relationships

  • Understand your higher purpose

  • Create prosperity from the heart

  • Master your feeling of fulfillment

  • Connect to and follow your intuition

  • Live with a deep sense of self-love

  • Thrive with authentic confidence

  • Increase your energy and aliveness

  • What Actual Clients Say about Sharon . . .

    “I was absolutely blown away by the clarity I had after my call with Sharon. She is an amazing listener and was able to see so many of my areas and the story I was attaching to the experiences I had. Uncovering some of my hidden beliefs that I was unaware of was so incredible to see them for what they were and move forward with a new set of beliefs. I am extremely thankful that our paths have crossed and for the confidence Sharon has shown me that is within every one of us if we are willing to dig a bit deeper and see what is underneath that layer that may be keeping us stuck. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your gift and guiding us to live our best lives without the baggage so many of us carry. Forever grateful.”

    Carrie Mckenzie-Scollon, Canada

    “Sharon has been a tremendous support and guide for me over the past few years. I was really stuck in my career. I had been at the same company for 3 years and was ready to make a change but my confidence was shot. I had been struggling for a while to advocate for myself. As a woman in technology, it is hard to feel like you have a seat at the table. But Sharon patiently worked with me every week giving me actions to write out my goals, visualize change, be willing to accept change and convinced me that I was worthy of being happy and satisfied at work. And then I did it. I stood up for myself. I got out of a completely toxic work environment, I asked for a salary increase and a new role, and….I got it all. There is no way I could have done that work without Sharon as my guide and coach in my corner.”

    Cindy Eastman, Colorado, US

    “I worked with Sharon to reach a solution as to why I was still seeing no forward motion in my life, despite ALL my effort. It was liberating. Sharon worked with me on my past, using a very structured and effective technique. Whilst using it I became very empowered. I found many ‘hidden things’ from my past: beliefs and limitations that were not serving me. That clarity brought such relief. Sharon helped me not only uncover those old beliefs, she also helped me release them. And since those moments I have been able to forgive, and I have had an awareness that has given me traction in my personal goals. Sharon listens with deep empathy. She is so skilled & talented in the field of coaching. I account this to not only her own inner resilience work, but also because this is her soul purpose: to empower and lift others, to shine a light, and to make other people’s journeys just a little lighter. Working with her was such a gift to me. I love this woman. She is a beautiful person, gifted coach & amazing human being. Truly. Thank you Sharon. You remind me what we are doing here and are supposed to do for one another with such love and grace. Thank you.”

    Angela Jane, England


    Sharon is an executive coach for accomplished driven women that are craving more fulfillment and harmony in their lives.

    Sharon empowers you to live life on your terms, create a life plan that inspires you, and breakthrough on what is holding you back. And live a life that lights up you mind, body, and soul. 

    She spent three decades in the corporate world in the fast-paced, high-stress, high-tech industry before walking away from exhaustion and becoming a life coach. She is a wife, and mom of 2 amazing girls. 

    Today, Sharon is the founder and CEO of 'A New Way of Being You'. Her passion is to empower women to be authentic leaders; to stop wearing ‘busyness’ as a badge of honor; to learn how to have unshakable confidence and use conscious communication when faced with difficult people, and to feel more alive every day.